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The Team

Who We Are


Harold Espinosa

Founder & Lead Organizer

Harold has a heart for people and a love for gaming!

Harold is the president & founder of Sixteen13 Ministry

Hank Wall


Hank is an entrepreneur and through that has brought incredible internet services to the Pembina Valley


Alycia Hildebrand

Media & Marketing

Alycia loves to roll up her sleeves anytime a computer is involved. She has brought Etherlan's media presence into the 21st century.

Alycia also works full time for The Bunker as a Ministry Director/Building, Rental, & Food Service Coordinator.

Morgan Wiebe

Coordinator & Organizer

Morgan is the main guy behind organizing and coordinating the events for Etherlan.

Morgan also works full time at a supervisor at VB's Entertainment Centre in Winkler.


Planning & Onsite Volunteers

Of course, these events can't run without our dedicated volunteers. They help in all of the games planning, setup of tables and the network, running the games, handing out award, and much more!

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